Subukia Shrine

to God be the glory

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 Mary Mother of God - Retreat House

Coming across of the needs expressed by pilgrims and religious we have constructed a Retreat Centre, with 50 self-contain room, 4 master rooms, 4 meeting rooms, 4 common dormitories, chapel and other facilities. The house is ready and already operating. The beautiful environment help in prayer and meditation.

In the house are 2 retreat masters ready to facilitate any retreats. Either preached or directed. Their contacts in "CONTACT US"

We are grateful to God and Mary for such a good work.





Costruction of the stairs to the spring

The miraculous spring is situated in the forest at the hill, around 600 meters from down climbing up. On the way is newly build The Way of The Cross. During the rainy season it is a challenge to reach the spring and sometimes even dangerous because of the slippery ground. We have decided to improve the access to the water and construct a stony 4 meters wide stairs to secure the pilgrims’ climbing.

The work is going well




Costruction of the Way of the Cross


 Just recently we have started to construct more permanent   stations of the Way of the Cross. They will be more visible  yet integrated in the forest environment. You are most  welcome to see the construction and we will be very grateful if you would like to participate in raising them up.





  Construction of the Shrine gate

Shrine for us people is like the heart to the body. The National Shrine is a heart of the Nation. Let us know that through this gate we are entering the Spiritual Heart of our Nation. And we know when the heart is sick our body is in danger.

The heart is called the Village of Mary Mother of God. With the help of Mary Mother of God let us take care of the growth of the "National Heart".



 Construction of the Spring Chapel


The new construction has begun with the beginning of July 2010. First we constructed the road to carry the construction materials to the site. We have removed the old wooden chapel in order to build something more permanent and more secure. The new chapel has a separate place for the Stature of Mary from where the spring comes out and prayer facilities for pilgrims. The Spring and the Stature is secured by a grill. Together with the chapel we have organized the collection of the water, with a storage tank (10,000L) in the ground and 10 taps on separate wall in order to simplify the collection points. The miraculous water will flow through the tank to the taps. And the overflow water will still go through the three symbolical pools newly organized in order to make more space for pilgrims. The New Spring Chapel was blessed on 11th of December 2010 by Very Rev. Fr. Laurence Mbogo the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.  




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Support the construction of the Shrine Church

Be a part of the Church in Kenya as we have started the construction of the Shrine Church.

Through M-Pesa:
- go to Pay Bill
- Business No: 511500
- Account No: 511500

- proceed to fill the amount
- finalize the transaction


Through NIC Bank

- NIC House Branch
- A/c name: Subukia Shrine
- A/c no: 1000009845

You are also welcome to bring your contribution directly to the Shrine in Subukia.


Account in Poland:

Sekretariat Misyjny OO. Franciszkanów

Ul. K. Ujejskiego 40
81 - 426 Gdynia

Numer konta: (Pekao S.A.)

76 1240 1239 111 0000 1643 7506

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May the Lord and our Mother Mary grant all your prayers!