Subukia Shrine

to God be the glory

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Calendar of events for the year 2017


1st    January      - MARY MOTHER OF GOD SOLEMNITY


4th    March         - PMC, Animators

1st    April            - Altar Servers

29th  April            - Catholic Teachers

6th    May             - CATHOLIC MEN ASSOCIATION

20th  May             - YCS National Prayer Day

27th  May             - Universities/Colleges

17th  June             Catechist National Prayer Day

22nd  July             Sts Joachim and Anna

5th    August         Pioneers/Total abstinence

12th  August (vigil) - Sacred Heart of Jesus

2nd    September   - Legion of Mary

7th    October        - NATIONAL PRAYER DAY

21st  October        - Marian Workers

28th October         - Charismatic National Prayer Day

25th  November    Liturgical Choirs 

3rd    December     - YOUTH NATIONAL PRAYER DAY

9th  December       - SHRINE FAMILY DAY


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Support the construction of the Shrine Church

Be a part of the Church in Kenya as we have started the construction of the Shrine Church.

Through M-Pesa:
- go to Pay Bill
- Business No: 511500
- Account No: 511500

- proceed to fill the amount
- finalize the transaction


Through NIC Bank

- NIC House Branch
- A/c name: Subukia Shrine
- A/c no: 1000009845

You are also welcome to bring your contribution directly to the Shrine in Subukia.


Account in Poland:

Sekretariat Misyjny OO. Franciszkanów

Ul. K. Ujejskiego 40
81 - 426 Gdynia

Numer konta: (Pekao S.A.)

76 1240 1239 111 0000 1643 7506

Z dopiskiemSUBUKIA


May the Lord and our Mother Mary grant all your prayers!